Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Our ever-expanding range of industrial cleaning chemicals once again follows our simple philosophy of providing high-value and market leading effectiveness. As usual, we are able to offer professional advice and helpful information on any of these items.

Industrial and Engineering Maintenance Chemicals

We can supply ex-stock a vast range of cost-effective industrial and engineering maintenance chemicals.

Our products include:

  • Degreasing Solvents
  • Floor Cleaning Solvents
  • Machine Degreasers
  • Lubricants and Cutting Fluids

We also offer a whole range of Engineering and Industrial Aerosols.

All of these products can be supplied ex-stock, or we can provide tailor-made ‘own brand’ items.

We virtually guarantee to beat any price on the market for similar products, whilst still offering formulations that are perfectly suited to every task.

Food Manufacturing

We are major suppliers to food manufacturers and can readily supply the most comprehensive range of chemicals and cleaning products.

These products ensure ultimate hygiene standards, an essential requirement in the food industry.

We can supply ex-stock:

  • Food Safe Bactericidal Detergents
  • Foaming Detergents
  • C.I.P Cleaners
  • Chlorinated Dishwashing Agents
  • Biological Drain Maintenance Products
  • Skin Care Products
  • Paper Cleaning Items